From the road, if you look carefully, you’ll see part of our treehouse in the backyard. When people come to our shop they often peek around the corner and notice it. We’ve added photos here to give those courteous cats a lookie-loo.

To answer some frequently asked questions:

Is it for kids? Umm.. yes, big kids. When they want to take a nap or watch a movie or when “working from home” but don’t feel like being in the office, this is where we go. It’s like camping in a cabin.. in your own backyard.

Can we rent it? Nope. There isn’t a restroom and for now we really appreciate the space being our own and not sharing.

Who built it? The previous homeowner! He was a contractor who enjoyed working on his house and building, apparently! He also built/remodeled the area we use for our shop, although he used it for woodworking. A true craftsman. During his ownership it appears he remodeled the main house, adding wood beams, wood wrapping all the windows and door frames. We believe he also built the covered pavilion area with a pizza oven and outdoor fireplace. Sadly he passed away and we bought the estate from his family.