COVID and us..

We continue to weather the COVID storm. Working from home, curbside pick-up, Zoom meetings, online learning, staying home.. and building up our website to include product for sale online.

As many of you know we have temporarily postponed our classes. We are just as bummed about that as those who have expressed this to us! Classes will return. We’ve heard many ideas of what type of classes people would enjoy. We continue to be open to suggestions, please feel free to contact us with your wish lists and bucket list items.


Our shop is taking a pause during the pandemic

As it seems Covid19 is changing the world around us, we have put our on-site classes and hosted events on pause.  We had a great start in the retail shop in early January and as our classes began to take flight.  We plan to begin these events again at a later date. 

We are thankful to be healthy and fortune to not have rent to pay on our retail space.  We are taking this time to build up the online website shop with merchandise that will be “made to order” and can be mailed out. 

We’ve removed classes and event information for the time being.  We will bring those items back once we all know more about this pandemic.  Our plan is to go back at a later date to provide hands-on machine embroidery classes, crafty events for kids and adults, and of course the retail shop will be open.

For now, we post sparingly on Facebook but respond frequently (maybe too overly eager) to messages from FB messenger.  Please be safe, wear your mask, be socially distanced, and think happy thoughts as we all work through these crazy times.


Create and Recreate

Hello & Welcome… 

To me, creating means to take something that is known to be in its raw form and transform it into something else.  Fabric gets transformed into a quilt, a doll, a pillow case.. Felt gets transformed into holiday ornaments, finger puppets, a gnome hut or fairy cottage. 

To recreate means to take something that is already something and make it into something else.  A horseshoe into a petal of a steel flower, an old quilt into a decorative pillow, a wood pallet into a sign.

Creating and recreating is what brings joy into my life, it’s where I find that special place in a busy world.