Embroidery Classes

Machine embroidery. It’s a whole new world. It’s memorizing, the steady fast-pace of the machine as it loops and hoops through fabric, vinyl, felt, burlap..  Want to give it a try?  I have four machines available for you to try as part of your class. 

Most people think that “embroidery” is simply adding a design to clothes, which it can be.  Especially with the clothes and designs we see on the racks in stores today.  But have you ever wondering why sometimes the design is ripply or itches? It depends upon the type of stabilizer used and the way the design has been digitized. We cover this in the beginner 101 classes. Knowledge is power and what’s the use of spending money on a cool pair of jeans with a beautiful design if they don’t feel and look good??

Since the embroidery machines used are mine and are not for sale.  You are able to learn how to use the machine without the sales pitch.  We can go over what to look for, what are some good things to ask about, and how to find information on the machine that will tell you about stitch counts and service dates.  With some tips on where to go. 


Create and Recreate

Hello & Welcome… 

To me, creating means to take something that is known to be in its raw form and transform it into something else.  Fabric gets transformed into a quilt, a doll, a pillow case.. Felt gets transformed into holiday ornaments, finger puppets, a gnome hut or fairy cottage. 

To recreate means to take something that is already something and make it into something else.  A horseshoe into a petal of a steel flower, an old quilt into a decorative pillow, a wood pallet into a sign.

Creating and recreating is what brings joy into my life, it’s where I find that special place in a busy world.