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    Bella’s First Christmas

    I love the look of a fresh wreath on the door and taking a deep breath as I enter the door, the smell of pine cones, cedar, and Christmas. The inside was missing a wreath, the added charm plays nicely. It’s been cold inside our Craft Studio, the wreath nicely covers the whole window portion of the door. I love how the framing around the door and window of the Craft Studio matches the bright white of the waiting bench. The wreath on the barn door is more welcoming than the welcome mat! The mat will get worked on come…

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    Create and Recreate

    Hello & Welcome…  To me, creating means to take something that is known to be in its raw form and transform it into something else.  Fabric gets transformed into a quilt, a doll, a pillow case.. Felt gets transformed into…

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    What inspires me..

    When we first opened our handmade gift shop in Nov 2011 we had consignors. A few had embroidery machines and I notice they each had a different style, even when making the same item. Different type of material, thread colors,…

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    Thread Colors Matter

    I was rushed. I was doing a test stitch of a little tea light hut and thought I’d place a little Gnome roasting a weenie on the back panel of the hut since there wasn’t anything there. ..and I went…

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    In the beginning… An intro to Machine Embroidery

    I’ve been asked about some basic equipment items for machine embroidery. So I thought I’d go over some basics here.. At this time I am not an amazon affiliate. First, you need a machine. There are some FANCY machines on…

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    Barn Sweet Barn

    Pick a favorite barn friend to stitch up! These designs are simple two color designs that work well for a beginner. Pick black/charcoal or whatever 2 colors that match your kitchen (or your BFF’s kitchen).

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    Embroidery Classes

    Machine embroidery. It’s a whole new world. It’s memorizing, the steady fast-pace of the machine as it loops and hoops through fabric, vinyl, felt, burlap..  Want to give it a try?  I have four machines available for you to try…