What inspires me..

When we first opened our handmade gift shop in Nov 2011 we had consignors. A few had embroidery machines and I notice they each had a different style, even when making the same item. Different type of material, thread colors, and what they did with the design.

While I do like cute and whimsical things, like finger puppets, I also like pretty too.. and sassy. We had one consignor who made a kid’s cowboy vest and another consignor made a “Duty in Charge” felt badge that went nicely on the vest. We kept selling the Duty badge to adults who would proudly wear the felt badge out the door. It was great! When I asked the consignor to make a “Bitch in Charge” badge, which was a customer request at the time, she wasn’t too thrilled about the idea. I thought it was an awesome idea. I soon saw more and more items that could be stitched out on stuff, towels with farmhouse sayings, sassy quotes.. and our current machine embroidery gals didn’t have much interest in doing these things. So I purchased my first machine and taught myself.

We sell out of Bitch in Charge badges on a regular basis and it seems I’m always stitching up sassy sayings on towels. Soon I will be adding framed art to my list of favorites. Inspiration comes from everywhere!

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